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Getting to know me

January 23, 2020

“What do people not find out about you until they’ve known you for a while?”

I share a lot online. Without knowing me at all, you can learn how I cold-emailed my way to an internship and what I did during winter break, including what YouTube channels I watched and what I snacked on.

When icebreakers call for fun facts, I demonstrate my party trick: single-legged squats. If you hang around me for longer, you’ll see that these are a symptom of a more pervasive condition. Randomly stretching and exercising—in airports, dorm rooms, and backstage—is a classic me thing to do.

If you pass by me, whether in MIT’s Infinite Corridor or 6th Street in downtown San Francisco, you’ll notice me strategically weaving around slow walkers. I’m probably wearing Airpods. (I listened to 120,000 minutes of Spotify last year.) If you’ve known me since last summer, you’ll know that I won those Airpods at a hackathon.

If you follow my private finsta or are in Hack Club’s Slack community, you have the latest on what I’m up to. Recently, I recorded a timelapse of me stretching before the skyline on my dorm roof. A few weeks ago, I spent 2am to 4am building a website to house miscellaneous things I learn.

If you live with me? You’ll learn that I either really like eggs, or can’t cook much else, or both. I fold my laundry immediately after drying it, somewhat following the Konmari method—so like Marie Kinda, instead of Marie Kondo.