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Hi! I’m Kat, from Lowell, MA. I’m a first-year student at MIT, intending to major in Urban Planning with Computer Science. I’m the founder of Science and Us, a student-led organization helping teens discover science communication, policy, media, and related fields. Last summer, I interned at Repl.it. Above all else, I value integrity, authenticity, and empathy. When I’m not working on projects, I’m probably scrolling through memes or exercising—maybe both.

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Last updated September 19, 2019

* The concept of a “now page” is from Derek Sivers

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MAHacks mahacks.com Science and Us scienceandus.org
We Are America lhsweareamerica.com FRC 5962 frcpersevere.com

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this is legimitately like, a frequently asked question

Of course, it wasn’t all accomplishments—something that’s easy to forget or hide. For an ongoing list of my setbacks and how I’m learning from them, check out my failure resume.