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Hi! I’m Kat, from Lowell, MA. I’m a first-year student at MIT studying Urban Planning and Computer Science.

I founded Science and Us, a nonprofit that runs events and creates online resources to help high schoolers learn how to make science clear and engaging.

I’m a founder of the We Are America Project, working with 1300+ students in almost 25 states to share stories that spark conversations, led by the next generation, on what it means to be American.

Above all else, I value integrity, authenticity, empathy, and surrounding yourself with people who lift each other up.

Last summer, I interned at Repl.it, a Y Combinator-backed startup. During high school, I organized hackathons, did biology research, and earned NCWIT’s National Award for Aspirations in Computing.

I fail a lot.

When I’m not working on projects, I’m probably scrolling through memes or exercising—maybe both.

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Email is the most reliable way to reach me: [email protected].

You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Github, and the Hack Club Slack.

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Last updated November 21, 2019

* The concept of a “now page” is from Derek Sivers

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