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Hi! I’m Kat, from Lowell, MA. I’m an incoming first-year student at MIT, majoring in Data Science and minoring in Anthropology. This summer, I’m interning at Repl.it. Above all else, I value integrity, kindness, and gratitude. When I’m not working on projects, I’m probably scrolling through memes or exercising—maybe both.

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During middle school, I wanted to make my own Tumblr themes, so I deciphered thousands of lines of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code until I could write my own. (I also taught myself Latin and some Modern Greek, but that’s a story for another time!) In high school, I used programming to investigate scientific questions, and ended up loving the challenges of communicating research to non-experts.

I wanted to explore science writing, but found no resources for high schoolers to do so. I discovered a treasure trove of careers connecting STEM and the public… but no path to get there—it seemed that every science communicator had accidentally stumbled upon their profession. Why is that? These opportunities aren’t mentioned in school.

To solve both problems, I founded Science & Us, a nonprofit helping students communicate STEM and discover careers connecting STEM and the public. We host events in greater Boston, and we’re writing Stories of Science and Us (pre-order for $10), a book of journeys and advice from diverse science communicators. We celebrate the reality that although STEM impacts everyone, not everyone needs (or wants) to be a scientist or engineer.

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this is legimitately like, a frequently asked question

Of course, it wasn’t all accomplishments—something that’s easy to forget or hide. For an ongoing list of my setbacks and how I’m learning from them, check out my failure resume.