Picture of Katherine Huang

Hey, I'm Kat.


I study cities, code, and media at MIT. On campus, I dance, (try to) sing, and help run Chroma, a science and humanities magazine. I also organized xFair, a career fair with demos like holograms and a robot chef.

This semester, I'm a web developer at the Senseable City Lab, helping communities visualize and take action on air pollution data collected by sensors installed on garbage trucks and taxis.

This summer, I’m interning at Gatsby and doing a retreat at the Recurse Center. Last summer, I interned at Repl.it (Y Combinator ‘18), an online code editor supporting 50+ programming languages and 2 million makers and learners.

I'm part of the founding team of We Are America, a project working with classrooms across 25 states to teach about civil rights and social justice and publish books of student stories.


Previously, I founded Science and Us to introduce teens to the careers and anti-disciplinary mindset of science communication. During high school, I organized hackathons and attempted bioinformatics research.

Before high school, my Greek mythology phase led me to self-study Modern Greek for three years, enter my aspiring polyglot-linguist phase, and teach myself Latin.

Say hi

Wanna chat? You can reach me at hello @ katmh.com, on Twitter @katmhuang, or in the Hack Club Slack. My Github is @katavie.