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I often “get coffee” and chat with people I want to learn from—people in journalism, education, tech, science communication, activism, and more. This newsletter is where I share those conversations and insights. (The catch? I don’t actually drink coffee.)

First article: “We’re not helping people run events on easy mode.” — Chris Walker, Hack Club

My entire MIT application (plus Boston University and Tufts essays) (not clickbait!)

July 24, 2019

tl;dr don’t plagiarize, for both our sakes (but mostly your sake) Regarding the possibility of others plagiarizing my work: I’ve already received all my decisions and committed to a school, so it doesn’t harm me much or at all (in principle). If you intentionally plagiarize, I hope you listen to your conscience and realize that dishonesty may give you a short-term advantage, but that integrity will lead you to more… Read more